We do not do enough in our society to provide women the support and information they need to navigate peri/menopause issues. This final reproductive life stage comes with many challenges for women including hormonal/body changes, role changes, relationship changes, mood and sleep challenges etc. As with most of my work with women, we will ground the intervention in the unique challenges you are facing as an individual, but also include the cultural/societal factors that impact many women in your same shoes. Similar to other life adjustments, I will advocate for collaboration with community support, family doctor or other providers to support your wellness.

Populations Served

  • Women
  • Parents (pregnancy to adolescence/young adult)
  • Partners to people with perinatal challenges
  • Adolescents
  • Transitional Aged Youth (18-28)
  • Parents

(if your issue is not listed here, but you think we might be a good fit to work together
based on the information I’ve shared here, please reach out for a consult)