$185 / hour

I am currently only working virtually. I can work with anyone living in Ontario. Available in person in Richmond Hill on Wednesdays.

I currently work in private practice Tuesdays and Thursdays. Day and evening appointments are available.

The standard counselling hour is 50 minutes long (the last 10 minutes are used for documentation and scheduling.

That really depends. Most people are looking for shorter term work if they have limited time, resources or benefits to pay for therapy. I am happy to work with your schedule or budget. If there are time or budget issues, I will suggest spacing out sessions after some initial work together, using workbooks between sessions or recommend attending a support or education group during treatment to enhance skill building.

Some clients come to therapy identifying longer term issues that they want to work on in a more in-depth way. I am very open to this type of work and would likely use more in depth cognitive behavioural interventions (core beliefs) or emotionally focussed interventions to address longstanding core pain.

I don’t work with couple’s therapy, but will invite partners into session for the purposes of psycho-education or support.

I don’t generally do family work, but will include parents/caregivers as appropriate.

I am an integrated therapist, but primarily use cognitive behavioural, interpersonal and emotionally focused approaches. I have training in dialectical therapy, narrative therapy, trauma focused, cbt, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) among others. I incorporate acceptance and commitment principles, mindfulness and self compassion components.